5 Ways to Dress & Pack for Effortless Travel Style

5 Ways to Dress & Pack for Effortless Travel Style

Written by: Rowan Levieux



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Hey there, stylish travellers! Welcome back to Wayfare Culture, your go-to hub for all things travel and fashion. Today, we're diving deep into the art of airport fashion. That's right – we're talking about looking fab while you zoom through security and strut down the terminal like it's your personal runway. So buckle up, as we explore the chicest travel outfits that blend style with functionality – perfect for our trendsetting travellers from Johannesburg to Cape Town and beyond.

1. Light Layers for Effortless Travel

Who else has experienced the Sahara Desert to Arctic Tundra in just one flight? Yeah, me too.

That's why light layers are your best friends in the unpredictable world of air travel. 

Picture yourself effortlessly peeling off a chic, lightweight blazer as you settle into your seat, revealing a breathable, stylish linen top underneath.

Suggested Wardrobe

  • Knitted Scarf
  • Snazy open front cardigan
  • Lightweight comfortable t-shirt

Don't take this travel inspiration look from us, take it from Jessica Alba herself. The Bric's Bellagio Carry-on is the perfect suitcase to compliment this stlye. 

Jessica Alba with her Bric

Craft this Aesthetic with Wayfare: A sleek, minimalist Carry-On + Leather Tote or Duffle

2. Embrace Loose-Fit Comfort: Effortlessly Chic Style

Wave goodbye to the days when luxe loungewear was reserved for lazy Sundays. Welcome to the golden era where comfort meets luxury.

Dive into the comfort of a loose-fit trend with our matching tracksuits that whisper "laid-back luxury."

This style isn't about being oversized but about mastering the art of casual elegance with well-coordinated pieces.

Suggested Wearables:

  • A coordinated, loose-fitting tracksuit.
  • Oversized sweater or hoodie
  • White heeled sneakers

Take travel inspiration from Supersport presenter Twiggy Moli (Tshepang Mollison) & her Wayfare sponsored suitcases.

Craft this Aesthetic with Wayfare: blend vibrant colours and sophisticated design.

3. Embrace the ’90s – Nostalgia Has Never Looked So Good

Let's throw it back with some ’90s nostalgia – think denim, think bold, think fun! 

This era was all about making statements, and what better place to do that than the airport, where the world is literally at your feet?

Suggested Wearable: 

  • A vintage-inspired graphic tee paired with comfortable sneakers.
  • Faded Denim Jacket

Craft this Aesthetic with Wayfare: Blend throwback with modern features

4. Smart Casual: The Ultimate Airport Flex

Ah, smart casual – the golden mean of travel fashion. 

It’s the outfit that whispers, “I’m here for business, but I’m also ready to sip espresso in a quaint café or explore ancient ruins.” 

It's about finding that perfect balance between being comfortable enough to withstand a long flight and stylish enough to turn heads upon arrival.

Suggested Wearable:

  • Stretchy Jeans: Flexble & comfortable
  • Tailored Blazer: Soft Fabric for movement & style 
  • Comfortable Flats: Stylish yet practical

Our Wayfare customer @consciouscreatv flexing the perfect travel blend. 

Craft this Aesthetic with Wayfare:

5. Everyday Activewear: Comfort Meets Runway

Gone are the days of choosing between style and function – today’s activewear is all about striking that perfect balance.

Imagine this: you, effortlessly navigating through the airport, your activewear flexing with every step, turning heads, and setting trends. It’s not just about getting from A to B; it’s about enjoying every moment in between.

Suggested Wearable:

  • Sleek leggings, supportive yet stylish
  • Sports bras & breathable tops
  • Statement sneakers

Take travel inspiration from Travel influencer presenter Thobi Rose & her Wayfare sponsored suitcases.

Craft this Aesthetic with Wayfare:

Traveling soon? Don’t just pack;  pack with panache . Your airport outfit can be your personal mood booster, your comfort zone, and your style statement all rolled into one. So next time you’re preparing for takeoff, remember: with Wayfare Culture, you’re not just traveling – you’re making a statement.

The Author: Rowan Levieux

Rowan is the passionate founder of Wayfare Culture, born out of an insatiable love for travel and a desire to merge style with practicality on the go. Wayfare Culture's products reflect a deep understanding of what it means to explore with confidence and ease. 

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