General Product Warranty

General Product Warranty

1.  This warranty or guarantee ("Guarantee") is issued by the propitiate brand or registered South African distributor and not Wayfare Culture. Same applies for stipulated amount of years from the date of purchase (the "Purchase Date") of the branded luggage and suitcases.

2.  Please ensure that you register your warranty with the brand holder, if you are unsure on how to do this please email for assistance. 

3.  This Guarantee extends only to the first purchaser or gift recipient of the product.

4.  This Guarantee covers manufacturing defects only - faulty workmanship, faulty material or component parts and/or other defects that existed on the Purchase Date.

5.  This Guarantee does not cover:

5.1  damage due to misuse (eg. tampering; alterations; transportation of unusual items) or neglect;

5.2  accidental damage;

5.3  damage due to abrasion;

5.4  damage due to exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids or water;

5.5  deterioration due to normal or fair wear and tear;

5.6  transport damage (eg. destructive damage by airline and/or other carriers).

6.  Should there be a problem with your product that is covered by this Guarantee, you must contact us on and provide us with a copy of your original receipt or proof of purchase.

7.  Should we find that your product is defective and covered by this Guarantee, we will, at our discretion:

7.1  repair the product; or

7.2  replace defective products; or

7.3  provide you with a comparable product;

8.  If the warranty applies, you will be notified as to whether the product will be repaired, replaced (with the original product or a comparable product) or refunded. Any such repair or replacement will be at our expense.

9.  Any repairs on a product during the warranty period must be performed by a company approved by us or the Brand. We will advise you of the authorised repair and service centres closest to you. If repairs are performed by any other company, this Guarantee will become void (meaning that you will no longer be able to claim under it). We will also not be liable for any charges and damages associated with any work performed by anyone other than a Service Centre or one of our authorised repair and service centres.

10.  You are responsible for all costs of getting the defective product to us or the applicable authorised repair and service centre (including the cost of packaging, shipping and any applicable taxes). Should the Warranty be facilitated by Wayfare Culture, no further action can be taken by Wayfare Culture until we have received the item and and it has been inspected by the wholesaler. 

11.  This Guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the product and does not cover consequential damages or losses, which are expressly disclaimed and excluded from the scope of this Guarantee.

12.  To the extent permitted by applicable law, any implied warranties (other than those applicable under the Consumer Protection Act, 2008) are excluded. This Guarantee is not intended to exclude any rights available to consumers under the Consumer Protection Act, 2008 or any other statutory laws (if and when applicable), including the 3 month implied warranty on any products repaired by us.

13.  We recommend that you inspect your luggage/suitcase(s) after they have been handled by anyone other than you (especially after travelling). In the event of damage, immediately lodge a claim with the carrier or transit company.