Why Leather

The leather industry is creating a product that is both NATURAL and LONG LASTING. Leather is unique in its ability to combine BEAUTY, COMFORT and PRACTICALITY.


Modern leather manufacturing recycles 270 million cow hides each year. These are a by-product of the food industry and without the ability of the leather industry to transform them into leather products, millions of tonnes would go to landfill, resulting in environmental and biological impacts. Leather makes a sustainable contribution to a society that needs to consume less, reuse more and increase recycling.

Well made leather lasts a long time and unlike most man-made, or synthetic materials it gets better as it ages, acquiring a depth of patina and weart patterns that are individual to each user. As we mindfully look for ways to lower consumption, leather very much fits in with the ethos of ‘buy less, buy better’. Investing in quality leather products, is investing for the future.

Leather and leather by-products from the manufacturing process can be repurposed or combined with other materials to make composite products which in turn can be used in for example footwear and leather goods. Leather at the end of life can be ground down to be recycled. At the very end of its life leather will biodegrade in 10 to 15 years, depending on type.

Leather has a ‘breathability’ that more easily allows body temperature to be regulated. It will naturally absorb and hold moisture away from the skin until it can evaporate to the outside. It will also shape and mould to the wearer for an individual comfort and fit.