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Weekend Getaway Essentials

Local Travel Essentials 

With international travel on hold for the foreseeable future, how are many of us going to satisfy those travel cravings? The answer is simple, we are just going to have to settle for the exploration of our own beautiful country. With regional travel now open and interprovincial travel soon to be reopened (hopefully) here are our top 3 l must-haves. 

  1. Iconic Travel Medium Duffle

Whether it's the trip to the bush or the beach for a long weekend, the question will always arise, how much do I need to pack ? No doubt there will be a fair disagreement between husband and wife. Let the iconic travel medium duffle settle it. With the perfect amount of space for weekends away, you will always travel in style with BrandsByLeeroy

      2. Kids Micro bead Travel Pillow

Heading away for the weekend? Want to arrive with your sanity intact? The kids microbead pillow from BrandsByLeeroy will help you do just that. Both comfortable and portable, it is the perfect helper to ensure the kids are able to sleep for that long drive. Parents you will thank us later. 

     3. Cassis Riviera Backpack

Heading away for the weekend and need to keep in contact with the office? Look no further than the Cassis Riviera Backpack. A stylish backpack that doubles down as the perfect laptop bag as well. This multipurpose item will ensure you look both stylish and sleek as well as ensuring your laptop has the perfect cover. 

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