Summer’s heating up, let’s head to Ballito

Summer’s heating up, let’s head to Ballito

Sitting at your desk while it’s 30 degrees outside is criminal, so here’s something to look forward to – either as quick weekend getaway or for your December holiday.

After the year we’ve all had (they lied, 2021 wasn’t much better), getting slightly sunburnt, tipsy at beachside bars and living in shorts and slip slops is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Sunrise swim at Thompson Bay Rock Pool

Thompson Bay Rock Pool is one of the best rock pools in South Africa. It’s warm, it's right next to Thompson’s Bay beach, and it has a beautiful natural rock arch that you walk under to get to the other beach.

Now, the sun rises pretty early in summer (04:54am…) but trust me when I tell you, a sunrise swim is WORTH IT.

Your friends and family may hate you for dragging them out of bed, but going for a dip at this well-known rock pool at sunrise means you get the whole place to yourself, and you’ll get to take some epic sunrise photos.

There’s something about watching the sun rise over the ocean that is very special. Even if it’s just your grumpy friends begrudgingly admitting that it was worth it.

Of course, the beach

You’re in Kwa-Zulu Natal, you’ll have to go for a dip in the Indian Ocean.

Eat a sticky ice-cream from one of the vendors while sitting in the sand, go for a surf in the sea (if you don’t know how to surf, book a lesson with Janek at Ballito Surf School), or take a stroll down the promenade.

Go for a cycle at Holla trails

If you’re looking for an adventure, check out Holla Trails – it's situated in the middle of lush green fields and sugar cane farms, and offers trail running and mountain biking.

If you don’t have a bike you can rent one and there’s various trails suited to your technical ability and fitness.

I will say, though, I went on the pink route (intermediate to advanced) thinking I was a decent rider, but after halfway I had to stop and fully submerge myself in the stream because I was so hot.

Dinner and drinks at the beach bar

After a day toasting in the sun on the beach or mountain biking through the lush KZN terrain, grab a drink and some of best seafood at a beach bar.

Grumpy’s beach bar is renowned for their prawns and cocktails and the relaxed KZN atmosphere.

Or, grab a R&R [Rum and Raspberry] with some delicious Mozambican style fish or Peri Peri Chicken and rustic vibes at Mozambik Ballito restaurant.

Taking a trip to Ballito is exactly what summer tastes like.


All photos credit to Julia Evans

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