4 More Countries Accepting Vaccinated South African Tourists

4 More Countries Accepting Vaccinated South African Tourists

If you’ve been watching our Instagram you’ll know that Switzerland is accepting fully vaccinated South African tourists. But did you know they’re not the only ones?
These are 4 more countries you can now travel to for your December holidays — and what to do when you get there.

French picnic with wine, cheese, and fresh bread.

Calling all lovers of French pastry, the gates to baked goods heaven are open again! 
In France, there are loads of obvious things to do such as visiting the Musee de Louvre, eating a baguette under the Eiffel Tower, or strolling through the Versailles Palace. 
But there are other ways to experience France that you won’t see on every Pinterest board.
Instead of looking up at the Eiffel Tower, why not look down on it from a hot air balloon? The hot air balloon at André-Citroën Park is the largest hot air balloon in the world.
If you’re a foodie, head to the Dordogne region to harvest your own winter truffles which grow from November through March. This region also has world-renowned wine. 
And, if you’re keen on nature, check out our blog about Chamonix.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany that inspired the Disney castle

Loaded with history, Germany has lots to see. They’ve even got the castle that inspired Disney’s logo! 
Head to the Konigsee for a paddle in the cleanest lake in Germany or go for a hike in the mysterious Black Forest.
German food is a bit different but it’s not the wurst. If you aren’t into bratwurst, Germany has a lot more to offer including delicious dumplings called Knödel. For a truly immersive experience, many restaurants invite tourists to participate in Knödel making classes.
And then there’s obviously the beer. Germany is home to the world’s oldest functioning brewery where they’ve perfected the art of beer.
If you’ve got a relaxed boss, this is your sign to get to Germany on time for Oktoberfest! 

The Northern Lights in Finland

Not only does Finland have the world’s best education system and the world’s cleanest air, but it’s also the happiest country in the world.
With Mr. and Mrs. Claus around, no wonder the Finns are so happy! At Rovaniemi in the north of Finland, you can spend some time with the famous couple, attend Elf School, and do a gingerbread baking class with Mrs. Claus herself.  
Keeping with the winter theme, you can’t go to Finland without seeing the Northern Lights. Nature’s very own light show has been inspiring people for so long, it even appears in primitive cave paintings.
Finally, you haven’t experienced Finland until you’ve stayed in an ice hotel — don’t worry they’ll give you a sleeping bag.

Delicious Spanish style paella

Okay, it’s time to warm up with some Flamenco dancing and Paella. Although December isn’t the best time to visit Spain, their winter is a whole lot warmer than Finland ever gets! 
Spain is home to the world’s oldest restaurant where Mozart once enjoyed a meal. Founded in 1725, Sobrino de Botín serves traditional Castilian foods such as piglet and roast lamb.
If old restaurants and piglet meals don’t do it for you, Spain is also home to the party capital of the world.
Ibiza is sunny year-round and always pumping with life and parties. It also has a few top diving spots and lots of dolphins. 
After being starved of travel for so long, it’s finally time to break free. Get your tickets booked and your bags packed. 
Don’t have bags? Have a look at ours.

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