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6 Best Bags for Women

Handbags, tote bags, sling bags, purse-bags, clutch bags, travel bags the list of places we can keep our things together goes on and on. And so too, does the quest for the perfect bag for the perfect occasion. Indeed, sometimes it seems as if such a quest is as unending as the differing types of handbags, purses and luggage bags available on the market today. What’s more is that unfortunately we can’t all be Kylie Jenner and live in a world of Birkin’s. So, what’s a fashion forward, bag-enthusiast to do?

In today’s post, I count down the Top 6 Best Bags for Women in the market today – based off style, functionality, and affordability.

From the fashion-forward colour-splashes of the Monticello Sling, to the timeless silhouette of the Heritage Sling and the Givenchy-esque Melody Shopper, the Polo Collection at BrandsbyLeeroy has you covered.

  1. Iconic Travel Backpack

This Polo backpack perfectly combines the elegance of Polo with the convenience of a fashion-conscious student. Perfect for carrying textbooks, your laptop and stationery – take this backpack with you on any excursion, from your university campus to the skies, stand out as a commuter who knows what they want with this Iconic Backpack.

  1. The Melody Shopper

A personal favourite of mine, and Anna Wintour, the Melody Shopper’s silhouette is chic upon chic and a must have of any true fashionista. From the trendy ties at the side, to the simple but sophisticated embossing, the Melody is reminiscent of a classic Givenchy or Kate Spade – capable of rivalling even their elite quality.

  1. Monticello Flap Over Sling

Everyone knows black and white never go out of style. However, this season a splash of colour is the go-to move of all your favourite designers, and what a better way to show you know your style trends than with this magnificent Polo Monticello bag. The pop of red accentuates any seductive powers, whether you’re walking sassy holding it by the handle or swaying those hips on the dance floor with it slung across your ‘come and get it’ Friday night outfit – the classic silhouette and vibrant colour splashes make this Polo Sling a must have this season.

  1. Heritage Flap Over Sling

If the eye-popping colour trends throw you colour-coordinated outfits into disarray, fear not – because here, timeless beauty with classic beige and tan leather and gold finishes reign supreme. Capable of paring with most every outfit, it’s the perfect finishing touch of elegance.

  1. Barclay Crossbody

Every once in a while I get that urge to throw on my jodhpur-like chinos, pull on my Hunters Boots, and wriggle into a cable-knit sweater and sleeveless puffer vest and walk outside into the world a sophisticated country girl, full of preppy gracefulness and style. Finding the perfect bag for my moment of refined, future-Duchess-of-something outfit, however, always poses a challenge… Not anymore though, with the Barclay Crossbody every day is chic and classy; designed in spectacularly polished tartan plaid print, it seems inevitable that a rugged Scottish highlander will appear to sweep you off your feet at any moment…

  1. Iconic Travel Small Duffle

Your partner has just texted you about a surprise weekend away, you have one hour to pack and you don’t want to freak them out by looking as if you’ve packed your entire wardrobe… ‘AHHH’ what to do! Fear not, with the timeless Polo Duffle, your stylish sense will be immediately known to not only your significant other, but anyone who lays eyes on you. It’s compact but convenient layout, means you can easily overpack without anyone suspecting a thing. Walk proudly onto an aeroplane with your top of the range duffle or watch as your friends’ eyes light up with envy on a girlfriends only getaway trip – this bag is a must have for any esteemed traveller or over-nighter.

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